The company is focused on the continuous innovation and launch of brands with a mass-market appeal…

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Who we are

We are an integrated foods company whose primary activity is the creation of superior value …

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Our People

GCL considers the promotion of the safety and health of its employees a top priority, this onerous duty and responsibility

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Important Tips

brown vs  basmati

Basmati rice Vs Brown rice

Today, we are talking about our nutritional choices, which option

bingo blogpost 5

These are some simple tricks or command that you can use to keep your canine in check, especially if  they are new to the environment. The command could be to get them off your back in the kitchen, keep  them from running outside the door or simply to entertain your friends.  Here are the 5 simple tricks you can try out.  1) RESPOND TO THE CLICKER  Get a clicker or a small whistle it is the foundation of all the other tricks. The clicker teaches  your dog to respond to your call and commands with immediacy.  Steps  Click the clicker, give your dog a treat then click again and give him another treat of crispy  Binggo Dog Food, repeat like twenty times. Click the clicker repeatedly to establish a pattern, it 


Dog Bathing Tips

Dogs like dog owners enjoy a good bath, but how