All Your Dog Asks For Is L.O.V.E

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Stuart and Linda Macfarlane once said ‘Show a dog an ounce of love and he will be your friend forever’. Nothing can be more truthful than that. Remember the first date you had? As a guy you want to impress the girl to the heavens. You take her to the best restaurant or hangout, you bought her gifts, and you made her feel like a queen all because you loved her. And the lady goes all out to look her best, wore her ‘bottom wardrobe’, changed hair style and these she did because she wanted to impress this guy whom she cares for. There is no length we can’t go just to make someone know how much we care.


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And that exactly was what the ‘NigerianK9group’ accomplished last Saturday [July 26, 2015]. Lagos literally stood still for our canine lovers as they had a walk with their best friends.

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Dog lovers from all over Lagos and its environs, even all the way from Port Harcourt, came together to share and show their love to their dogs. Tagged ‘Lagos Dog Walk’ and proudly sponsored by Grand Cereals, and it was indeed a wonderful time. It featured a walk, talks and presentations with the main focus of course being our furry friends. To say it was a success would be an understatement, being a maiden edition.

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Something everyone took home was the fact that dogs need to mingle with other breeds and kinds to enable them have an all-round growth. So feeding them with good food is not enough, but getting them trained, exercising with them and taking them out to socialize would really help them grow better. Different shapes, breeds and sizes were all brought together and there was no mishap.

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Many of the participants expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Binggo Dog Food. According to them, it has helped improve the growth and well being of their dogs and increased their mental capability. As though on cue, a dog noticed a pack of Binggo with one of our people and rushed down to get some nutritious goodness. The outing was pure joy and success for Grand Cereals whose main goal of putting smiles on the faces of dogs and their friends as well was adequately achieved.

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At the end of the walk, packs of Binggo were given to participants to further reiterate the company’s commitment to giving your dog the best nutrients for optimum growth and reproduction. Groups and individual pictures were taken – check out our social media pages for more interesting pictures.


Dogs love treats too, train your dog, walk your dog, above all, give your dog half of what he has been giving you all his/her life – some love. And you can start by telling us what was the most special treat you have ever given your dog?