Be wowed by this ‘Moi-moi’ delicacy

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You asked for it and we came up with a recipe for the tastiest Moi-moi [bean cake] you’ll ever come across – well that is if you have ever eaten a well-prepared one at that.
Moi-Moi or whatever it is called in your local dialect will always have the same ingredients of:
Beans; Salt; Seasoning cubes; Grand Pure Soya Oil; Chicken / shrimps /beef cubes; Pepper (Rodo/Scotch Bonnet/Jamaican pepper /Habanero Chili and Tatashe/Bell pepper); Onions and Water.


Method of preparation
1. Blend the beans with pepper and onions
2. Add seasoning cubes, salt to taste and nutmeg if you wish to the blended beans
3. Add Grand Pure Soya Oil of course, your Moi-moi would be incomplete without this.
4. WAIT! Have you boiled or fried your Chicken/ Shrimps / Beef cubes?
5. If not then, boil the Chicken/ Shrimps / beef cubes with water, seasoning and salt
6. When cooked, add the stock to the blended beans mix.
7. After this, fry the Chicken/Shrimps/beef with Grand Pure Soya Oil for a tasty and healthy outcome.
8. Cut the cooked Chicken/Shrimps /beef into strips or cubes.
9. Add them when you put the blended beans in whatever container you desire e.g. bowls (plastic or aluminum), banana leaves, or heat-proof nylons.
10. Put some water in the pot and leave to steam.


So in just 10 easy steps, your Moi-Moi is ready to be served with whatever side dish you desire or you can go at it alone.
Serving options include Garri, Custard or Pap, Rice, Salad etc.
But do let us know what favorite side dish you have chosen to go with the Moi-Moi?