Binggo Dog Food Spotlighted At 2014 Ibadan Dog Show

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The 2014 Ibadan Dog Show took place recently and it was indeed grand. Organised by the Association of Veterinary Medical Students University of Ibadan. Grand Cereals of course participated in the show to showcase its latest brand Binggo Dog Food …healthy meal for smart dogs.

Binggo Dog Food 2014

Binggo Dog Food is available for both adult and puppy dogs. Binggo Dog Food is carefully formulated to cater to the needs of all kinds of breeds of Dog.

Binggo Dog Food
Binggo Dog Food is a fresh, nutritionally balanced, Hygienically produced and Affordable Dog Food guaranteed to meet the nutritional, functional and emotional needs of your dogs.


Regardless of the use to which you are putting your dog; be it working dog, sporting dog, teedler, teerier or toy dog, Binggo dog food is guaranteed to suite your need.