Ramadan Recipe: Beef Samosa

Beef Samosa
After a full day of prayer and fasting, your family deserves an exciting treat to round off the day’s fast. Beef samosa is an interesting snack that is widely enjoyed by people of different races. Its filling often contains...
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Food Storage Tips For Ramadan

Balance diet
A major feature of the Ramadan season, alongside the praying and fasting, is giving of alms. As s such, it is important for every Muslim to be cautious in the management of excess food in order to avoid wastage,...
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Delicious Alternatives – Vegetable Sauce

A popular quote says, “Food is essential to life. So, make it good.” How good have your Vegetable Sauce been lately? Having a good meal isn’t always only about the nutritional value of the meal. Meals should always have...
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Risk Management Tips For Smart Poultry Farmers

Just as Poultry farming can be a lucrative business, when the appropriate measures are not put in place, it can also lead to a devastating loss. This loss could be occasioned by the spread of diseases, sudden death of...
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Why A Dog Remains Your Best Bet For A Pet

Making the choice of a pet can be very tasking for those who love animals. You might want to go for a cat for its calm, loving and cuddling nature, a parrot for the fun and engagement that comes...
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