Can You Imagine a World Without Dogs? Happy #WorldAnimalDay!

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Can you imagine a police force without a dog to sniff around crime scenes for hidden clues, or a community without dogs to keep the children playing and excited. That is just a bit of the role animals play in our lives. In fact, every animal in its own right is important and deserves to be treated as such. That is why Binggo, your favourite dog food, is excited on this occasion of #WorldAnimalDay

world animal day- Binggo

The World Animal Day is a yearly event organized to create awareness of the rights of animals around the world.  The day is often celebrated in different ways, irrespective of the country, religion or political ideology. The aim of the event is to remind people that animals are sentimental beings that should be fully regarded and protected


Though we are not of the same specie with animals, the better we are able to appreciate the rights of animals as emotional beings, the better we will appreciate ourselves.


Over the years, Binggo dog food has meticulously attended to the most pressing need of dogs – food, and we are proud to say that it has been a fulfilling experience.

binggo puppy food- world animal day

Just as your dog relentlessly goes all out to make you happy and satisfied as much as it can, every dog owner should do likewise. This is because dogs play a very important role in our society.

Do you have a pet you would like to celebrate on this day? Please do. For us at Binggo dog food, we remember all dogs around the globe and employ all dog owners to treat them with care – with good food, shelter and frequent veterinary check-up.


Happy #WorldAnimalDay to every animal in the world!