Ramadan Recipe: Beef Samosa

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Beef Samosa
After a full day of prayer and fasting, your family deserves an exciting treat to round off the day’s fast. Beef samosa is an interesting snack that is widely enjoyed by people of different races. Its filling often contains nutritious foods and spices that help replenish and revitalize the...
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Food Storage Tips For Ramadan

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Balance diet
A major feature of the Ramadan season, alongside the praying and fasting, is giving of alms. As s such, it is important for every Muslim to be cautious in the management of excess food in order to avoid wastage, which is against the teachings of Islam and defies every...
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Delicious Alternatives: Beans Sauce

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Are you thinking of preparing something interesting for dinner? Don’t get stuck in finding new tips. We have the perfect recipe for you.   Beans sauce is a very interesting recipe that is very well enjoyed with almost any dish. It is not only highly nutritious, it is easy...
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Grain Farming: The next “Big Thing”

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One may ask, however, “How does the ban on the importation of chicken affect the Agricultural Sector?” Would it affect the economy negatively or positively? We would like to strongly believe that it would open up the market for locally reared chickens, which would inadvertently provide a market for...
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Palm Kernel Stew: Delicious Alternative to Tomato Stew

If you are a lover of good food, a homemaker or a kitchen manager, you are certainly feeling the heat of the recent scarcity of fresh tomatoes, experienced in the southern/western Nigeria. Some specialists say it is as a result of global warming; others say it is due to...
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An Egg A Day Makes The World A Better Place

As we approach another beautiful season to celebrate our little ones, we prepare our hearts and minds to make their day a very special one. In most countries, classes are cancelled on this day for the children, while they engage in various activities varying from carnivals to charity events...
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Tomatoes; Alternatives you can try out

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In the past weeks, there has been an increase in the price of our favorite commodity, tomatoes and a decrease in its supply. This unavailability has affected even the popular Mile 12 food market in Lagos State, where there has been up to 400% increase in the price of...
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