Grain Farming: The next “Big Thing”

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One may ask, however, “How does the ban on the importation of chicken affect the Agricultural Sector?” Would it affect the economy negatively or positively? We would like to strongly believe that it would open up the market for locally reared chickens, which would inadvertently provide a market for...
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Palm Kernel Stew: Delicious Alternative to Tomato Stew

If you are a lover of good food, a homemaker or a kitchen manager, you are certainly feeling the heat of the recent scarcity of fresh tomatoes, experienced in the southern/western Nigeria. Some specialists say it is as a result of global warming; others say it is due to...
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An Egg A Day Makes The World A Better Place

As we approach another beautiful season to celebrate our little ones, we prepare our hearts and minds to make their day a very special one. In most countries, classes are cancelled on this day for the children, while they engage in various activities varying from carnivals to charity events...
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Tomatoes; Alternatives you can try out

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In the past weeks, there has been an increase in the price of our favorite commodity, tomatoes and a decrease in its supply. This unavailability has affected even the popular Mile 12 food market in Lagos State, where there has been up to 400% increase in the price of...
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Basmati rice Vs Brown rice

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Today, we are talking about our nutritional choices, which option do we choose from foods of the same nutritional benefit. And that brings us to our source of energy and whole grain. So which would you prefer Basmati Rice or Brown Rice? Before making your fast choice, here are some...
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Tricks you can teach your dog

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These are some simple tricks or command that you can use to keep your canine in check, especially if  they are new to the environment. The command could be to get them off your back in the kitchen, keep  them from running outside the door or simply to entertain your friends.  Here are the 5 simple tricks you can try out.  1) RESPOND TO THE CLICKER  Get a clicker or a small whistle it is the foundation of all the other tricks. The clicker teaches  your dog to respond to your call and commands with immediacy.  Steps  Click the clicker, give your dog a treat then click again and give him another treat of crispy  Binggo Dog Food, repeat like twenty times. Click the clicker repeatedly to establish a pattern, it  teaches your dog to associate the click with the treat. Next, click the clicker call your dog’s  name and give it a treat when it looks at you then you can make your dog respond to every other  tricks.    2) Command: SIT!  You can use simple commands to keep you dog in check, with the clicker trick in the next time  when you want your dog to sit try this. Click the clicker and tell her to SIT pointing downwards,  continue to click till she sits. She has to figure out what to do in order to get the treat; she might  spin around, lie down, come up and nudge you—whatever she does, just ignore her until she sits.  When she does this immediately click and treat.    3) Command: DOWN!  This command is quite similar to sitting command, just grab you clicker and a bag of Binggo Dog  Food.   Steps  Step 1: Just watch your dog and wait for him to lie down. When he lies down, immediately click  and treat.   Step 2: Keep waiting for your dog to do it again. Soon he will realize that he gets a click and  treat whenever he lies down.   Step 3: When your dog begins to lie down more often, add the command and say “Down” when  you click.   Step 4: After repeating a few more times to reinforce the action, say, “Down.” If the dog lays  down at the command, give him a jackpot for his good work!    4) Command: STAY   Imagine this scenario, your friends come to visit you after a long day at work and as soon as they  open the door, your dog is all over them. You can use this trick to get him to stay put in a place.  Have your dog sit. Click and treat.  Say ‘stay.’ Wait six seconds. Say ‘release’ then click and  treat.  Say ‘sit,’ ‘stay’ and wait ten seconds. Say ‘release’ then click and treat.  Repeat four or five times  per session.  Practice this trick in multiple sessions every day, gradually building up to several  minutes before releasing.    5) Commando: GO TO PLACE  Pick a place where you want your dog to always go to and have your dog touch the training stick.  Place a piece of tape or a disk on the floor. Use the training stick to point to the marker, and  click/treat when he is on that spot. Practice this several times until your dog knows to go to the  marker to get his treat. Call the marker by its name (mark, spot, disk, etc.) just as he steps into ...
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