An Egg A Day Makes The World A Better Place

As we approach another beautiful season to celebrate our little ones, we prepare our hearts and minds to make their day a very special one. In most countries, classes are cancelled on this day for the children, while they engage in various activities varying from carnivals to charity events...
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Tomatoes; Alternatives you can try out

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In the past weeks, there has been an increase in the price of our favorite commodity, tomatoes and a decrease in its supply. This unavailability has affected even the popular Mile 12 food market in Lagos State, where there has been up to 400% increase in the price of...
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Basmati rice Vs Brown rice

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Today, we are talking about our nutritional choices, which option do we choose from foods of the same nutritional benefit. And that brings us to our source of energy and whole grain. So which would you prefer Basmati Rice or Brown Rice? Before making your fast choice, here are some...
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Nigeria’s first branded dry dog food ‘Binggo’ from the staples of Grand Cereals Limited (GCL); a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc. is already carving a niche for itself in the pet food market as revealed from the on-going stakeholders forum which the brand is conducting across key dog...
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Let’s Get To Know Each Other

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  Editor’s Note: This article was written by Pearl Osibu for Grand Cereals Limited. Pearl Osibu is a graduate of Agric-Economics; a writer, fashion designer, and blogger.  Hey there. Citizen of the world. And most likely Nigerian. Greetings. We’re gonna be talking about Soyabean oil. See it’s like this....
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