Tomatoes; Alternatives you can try out

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In the past weeks, there has been an increase in the price of our favorite commodity, tomatoes and a decrease in its supply. This unavailability has affected even the popular Mile 12 food market in Lagos State, where there has been up to 400% increase in the price of...
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Basmati rice Vs Brown rice

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Today, we are talking about our nutritional choices, which option do we choose from foods of the same nutritional benefit. And that brings us to our source of energy and whole grain. So which would you prefer Basmati Rice or Brown Rice? Before making your fast choice, here are some...
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Dog Training For Everyday Living

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Dog training activities help our dogs learn how to cope and respond to diverse messages in a healthy and acceptable manner, to different people, animals, places and things they might encounter along the road of their ‘pawsome’ life. In Utopia, a dog could be protected from negative and frightening...
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Get To Know The Types of Cereals And Their Uses

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Right from the origin of agriculture, Cereals or grains have played a significant role to mankind. This belongs to the monocot families ‘Poaceae or Gramineae’ which are cultivated widely to obtain the edible components of their fruit seeds. Botanically, a type of fruit called ‘caryopsis’ composed of the endosperm,...
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Benefits Of Fish To Babies

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Bringing a baby to this world is one of the most difficult and happy moments in life. However, for Parents your work does not end at having a healthy baby you have to take care of the baby so that they can stay healthy and part of the process...
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