Grain Farming: The next “Big Thing”

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One may ask, however, “How does the ban on the importation of chicken affect the Agricultural Sector?” Would it affect the economy negatively or positively? We would like to strongly believe that it would open up the market for locally reared chickens, which would inadvertently provide a market for...
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Nigeria’s first branded dry dog food ‘Binggo’ from the staples of Grand Cereals Limited (GCL); a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc. is already carving a niche for itself in the pet food market as revealed from the on-going stakeholders forum which the brand is conducting across key dog...
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Binggo Dog Food Spotlighted At 2014 Ibadan Dog Show

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The 2014 Ibadan Dog Show took place recently and it was indeed grand. Organised by the Association of Veterinary Medical Students University of Ibadan. Grand Cereals of course participated in the show to showcase its latest brand Binggo Dog Food …healthy meal for smart dogs.
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