Common Dog Behaviors And The Reason Behind Them

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It sometimes seems difficult to associate the behavior of your dog to any obvious reason. It probably would have been easier if they could explain why they do what they do and how it can be resolved.


But, as hard as it might seem to understand your dog, the responsibility still lies with you, as its owner and friend, to understand why your dog is acting a certain way.


Some of the very known behaviors like digging, aggression, pecking, separation anxiety, bird chasing, barking and tail movement are recurrent in dogs and have been in existence from generations. These behaviors can be said to be a part of their DNA, though science is yet to provide reasons for them.



Did your dog recently become aggressive? Contrary to what is believed, aggression isn’t peculiar to dogs. Some dogs are taught to be aggressive, while some others are taught to be friends. Aggression could also be as a result of an irritation they feel, a stranger they suspect, an invasion from another dog or when they are in heat, wanting a male or female partner.

common behaviours in dogs


Don’t you wonder why your dog would dig around the building, hiding papers, bones or toys? It is safer if you do not let that bother you. Digging is part of the acts of a dog. To reduce their digging frequency, use more of concrete floors around the house. This should save the T.V remote from been hidden in one of such holes.

common dog behaviours



Do dogs beg? Oh yes! They do. When you see that puppy face and sparkling eyes right in front of you while you are eating, it can only mean one thing – “please let me have some”. Begging in dogs is developed right from when they taste human food. It is often hard to get them to stop wanting more.

common dog bahaviours


Separation Anxiety

If you have to lock away your dog for a while, just ensure it has nothing to chew or bite on. It will certainly pour out its uneasiness on your properties. Such character is peculiar to dogs. It is their own way of revolting to their being locked up.


 common behaviours in Dogs


Bird Chasing

What really comes to your mind when your dog chases a bird? It is definitely playing. Bird chasing is an act that is peculiar to dogs. There is really no scientific explanation to why dogs like to chase birds. It is a natural instinct in dogs that has now evolved into chasing other materials like balls, sticks etc.

common behaviours in dogs- bird chasing


As common as barking may seem, it is not natural for your dog to bark uncontrollably. It is advisable to check around properly to find out why your dog is barking.

Common dog behaviours

Dogs are smart and would stop at nothing to pass across a message. Unexpected barking could be pointing towards an unacceptable situation.


Tail Movement

Most dogs often wag their tails fast when excited or ready to play. It is not a very intentional act. Tail wagging in dogs is borne out of excitement, but can also be a sign that the dog is distressed.

common behaviours in dogs

Are there more behaviors peculiar to your dog which you find hard to understand? Now might be the perfect time for a visit to a veterinary doctor. Ensure that the dog is not sick, irritated or in any form of pain. Other behaviors, aside sickness, can be unlearned through careful training. Remember that you are your dog’s best friend. Ensure you treat it as a friend.