Dog Bathing Tips For An Enjoyable Dog Bath Time


Just as humans need to bath regularly to maintain high level of hygiene, dogs (pets) also need to be regularly cleaned for the health of the dog and its owner. However, unlike humans, dogs can make do with at least a weekly bath for the required level of hygiene, as opposed to a daily bath in humans.


Dog bath is a great way to thoroughly check skin health, hair texture, missing hair, the presence of parasites or skin masses.

With this in mind, here are some dog bathing tips you need to prepare for the next bath-day with your furfriend, so as to always have an enjoyable bath time.


Dog Bath tips


Bath Kit

Ensure that all items required for the bath time is ready before you start. The following items are required: Dog Shampoo, Sponge/Washcloth, Water, Hair Brush, Towel, Bucket/Hose (preferably with detachable showerhead) and cotton balls. The actual place where the dog will be washed needs to be identified e.g. bathtub, sink or outdoor etc. and presented to the dog for appreciation.


Dog Prepping for Bath Time

For optimum result from each dog bath, it is best to properly prepare the dog. Brush the dog’s hair to untangle all Mats (rigid knots) and to allow the shampoo get into the coat. Bathing Mat free dogs allow for the coat to dry properly and quickly, which does not give room for skin infection. Brushing during dog bath time should be done against the direction the hair grows, i.e. brushing from the hind limb towards the dog’s head.

dog bath tips



Another important thing is to protect your dog’s ears from water during the bath. To achieve this, you can stuff cotton balls into its ears. However, if the dog wouldn’t allow this, ensure you consciously avoid water getting into the ears.


Bathing Proper

To bath the dog properly, you need to get it wet all over, let the dog be drenched in the (right temperature) water. You are then to apply shampoo all over the dog with washcloths/sponge or with your bare hands. What is needed here is for you to achieve an even lather throughout the coat. Always remember that excess shampoo doesn’t necessarily get the dog cleaner; it is the shampoo ingredient and the application against the coat that gets it clean.


It is not advisable to apply shampoo on the dog’s face or head. This is because of the risk of the shampoo affecting the dog’s eyes and ears. Rather, use a damp washcloth to wipe the dog’s face cum head. Bathing also gives an opportunity to properly massage the dog, which is something a lot of dogs enjoy.

dog bath tips


The bathing process is not complete until the dog is properly rinsed through all of its body surface area. The entire shampoo residue needs to be cleaned out. Until the water from the coat runs clear, a good rinsing has not been done and this can lead to skin irritation and PH imbalance in the dog.


Dry Correctly


dog bath tips


Naturally, dogs will shake vigorously to get water off their body. But that will be a partial and not a complete drying process. A towel should be placed around the dog, with a little patting to get the dog dry. Rubbing the towel around the dog isn’t encouraged, as this may result in matting. The use of hair dryer is an alternative for dying. However, caution has to be applied because one has to pay attention to the temperature level and also ensure it is not pointed to the face of the dog.