Signs Your Dog Might Be Sick


Dogs, just like humans, age and surprisingly experience medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, epilepsy, cancer etc. They go through periods of ill health and indispositions, and it is your responsibility as a dog owner to be able to tell whenever they are experiencing any discomfort health wise. Though your dog cannot verbally tell you whatever they may be experiencing, there are symptoms that can help you detect if your fur friend is indisposed or needs a doctor’s appointment.


If your dog that is always so full of life and energy does not seem so anymore, if it walks around the house slowly and seems less interested in its favourite toys and activities, if it prefers to just lay around sleeping for too long, then you might have a sick dog in your hands. Lack of energy is usually the first signs of an underlining health condition for dogs.


Loss of appetite

If your dog refuses his favourite snacks, takes a sniff at his bowl of food and walks away or generally refuses to eat, it might be trying to call your attention to something happening to it. If this continues for more than 24 hours, your dog might need medical check-up because this could mean it has a fever or is generally stressed.

Frequent urination or less urination

If your dog urinates a lot more or less than usual, or the urination is accompanied by pain or force, usually, you might be seeing a sign of a kidney disease, diabetes or urinary tract infection. The inability of a dog to pee as often and as easily as it should, or more frequently than it usually does, could be fatal. In such a case, you should schedule a vet visit immediately.



Even though dogs, like most animals, vomit occasionally, which does not exactly mean something is wrong, when the vomiting is accompanied by bloody discharge, or it is frequent in the space of 24hours, your dog could be suffering from Gastric ulcer, intestinal illnesses, infection, or from a foreign object that is irritating the stomach. In such a situation, get your dog to the vet immediately to avert any fatalities.