Why A Dog Remains Your Best Bet For A Pet

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Making the choice of a pet can be very tasking for those who love animals. You might want to go for a cat for its calm, loving and cuddling nature, a parrot for the fun and engagement that comes with it, a peacock for the beauty and interesting ambience it provides with its colour or better still a dog, man’s best friend.

The origin of the statement “Dog is man’s best friend” can be traced to when Frederick, King of Prussia, in 1789, used it in referring to one of his Italian Greyhounds. Its first public use was in a poem by Ogden Nash, as cited by the New York Literary Journal, Volume 4, 1821.

“The faithful dog – why should I strive

To speak his merits, while they live

In every breast, and man’s best friend

Does often at his heels attend.”

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Dogs are beyond pets. They most times become an integral member of the family and often share in the love of the family or individual. Dogs naturally enjoy being around humans. By nature, they serve as companions and are often ready to go the extra mile with their owners, no matter the condition. Unlike humans, they are ever ready to love and forgive, even after being hurt. With all things being equal, dogs stay loyal to their owners.

Also, if you have security concerns, you should have a dog as a pet. Consider a dog as your perfect doorbell. They alert you that someone is at the door, ever before you hear the doorbell. Trained dogs are skilled in identifying persons with questionable characters. They are trained to protect their owners and attack at the sight of any danger.

In a similar vein, they can be your perfect partners on your road to achieving your fitness goals. Do you need some motivation for your long fitness walk or run? Get motivated by a dog. Dogs naturally love to play and exercise. They would gladly run with you to any distance. You can be sure they won’t get tired.

Dogs are absolutely amazing. There really wouldn’t be a boring time with a dog as a pet. Whether you feel like playing, doing house chores or sitting to watch a game, your dog won’t mind to make the period more fun.

Having a dog for a pet simply means that you have got a new friend, not one you have to please and struggle hard to impress, but one who is ready to weather the storm with you and always watch your back.

Still thinking of the perfect choice of a pet to make? Go for a dog. Dogs are, and have always been, man’s best friend.