How Dogs Help In Managing Diabetes

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Humans and dogs have long before now, shared an unbreakable bond. One that is as a result of the numerous services dogs offer to humans, services like, protection, companionship, and hunting assistance, in a time where man’s primary occupation was that of the hunter-gatherer.

However, with the evolution of man and his environment, a great number of challenges and opportunities presented themselves. To aid him in these new world’s challenges, Man once more has turned to his canine companion for his unending support and loyalty.


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Serving as trackers, sentries, guides and more, dogs have remained loyal and helpful companions to human beings, through thick and thin, providing assistance in warfare, with a 98% success rate in bomb detection. They have served as guide dogs, therapy dogs, herding dogs, search & rescue dogs and now “diabetic alert dogs”.

Diabetic alert dogs are service dogs, trained to alert their diabetic owners in advance, of high or low blood sugar symptoms, before they become life-threatening; allowing people living with type 1 or 2 diabetes to return their blood sugar levels to a healthy range.

These dogs won’t replace a blood glucose monitor, but it will provide a watchful eye and a friendly presence. They are especially convenient for diabetics with hypoglycaemia unawareness.




Taking advantage of their extraordinary sense of smell, these service dogs are trained to identify a particular scent emitted by diabetics when blood sugar is at a critical level. They are taught to identify that particular scent among other scents and react in a certain way to alert its owner. These alerts are usually done with uncommon dog behaviors so as not to confuse its owner.

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