Eight Reasons To Enjoy Your Grand Pure Soya Oil

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As the years go by, people are getting more and more health conscious, and this is impacting on what they eat and efforts geared at staying as healthy as possible. With this consciousness also comes the need to consider healthier options when it comes to cooking and food intake.


Over time, Soybean oil has often been referred to as the healthier option when compared to other kinds of cooking oil, but many people do not really know why. This is what has informed this article.


What is Soybean Oil? As the name suggests, Soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil extracted from soybean seeds. In this article, we will look at 10 reasons why Soybean oil is the healthier option when it comes to vegetable oil.

Benefits of Grand Pure Soya Oil

  1. Soybean oil is healthier because it contains 23% monounsaturated fat, 15% saturated fat and 58% polyunsaturated fat. The polyunsaturated fat is healthy and helps reduce cholesterol levels. The soybean oil also contains omega-3 fatty acids, a micronutrient that the body cannot produce on its own.


The omega-3 fatty acids include palmitic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid. All these acids are found in the soybean oil and are all in balanced quantities, which the body needs for healthy functioning.


  1. Soybean oil is healthy when included in your diet. It contains vitamin K, vitamin E and choline. Soybean oil prevents the brain from forgetting simple tasks and events of the past, a common symptom of Alzheimer disease, due to its richness in vitamin K. Vitamin K can also reverse the effect of such disease because it serves as antioxidant against radicals that can damage brain cells, and also increases the healing of bones.

benefits of Grand Pure Soya Oil


  1. Soybean oil helps to reduce inflammation, risk of heart diseases and risk of arthritis. It promotes healthy brain and regulates the blood pressure. It could also serve as a mosquito repellant when used as body cream.


  1. Soybean oil has little flavor and doesn’t interfere with the taste of food. As such, it brings out the real taste of the food. It can be used to prepare different dishes and to do a lot of other things like dressing salad, baking, making crackers, preparing barbeque sauce, frying potato chips and making mayonnaise.


  1. Apart from cooking, Soybean oil is widely used by manufacturers in the food industry because it has good emulsifying ability. Because of this, it is used to preserve processed foods.



  1. Soybean oil Inhibits Cholesterol Absorption because it has sitosterol, which reduces the risk of contracting a number of diseases. So, as you consume Soybean oil, you are inhibiting cholesterol absorption by your body.


  1. Soybean oil is a moderate source of anti-oxidant Vitamin E, a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant, required for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes. It helps keep cell membranes intact, ensuring that the cell membranes and skin act as a barrier to harmful radicals, thus delaying aging and preventing skin problems.

Benefits of Grand Pure Soya Oil


  1. According to health experts, Soybean oil could help to prevent cancer because it reduces the absorption of oxygen free radicals in the human body.

So, now that you have these eight clear health benefits of Soybean oil, keep enjoying your heart friendly Grand Pure Soya Oil.