Even Chickens Deserve To Be Happy. Happy #WorldAnimalDay!

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Do you really respect the rights of animals?


Every animal is sensual and should be accorded certain rights as a living being. It is not enough for you to run a farm for profit. Caring for your animals is also as important. That’s because, even chickens deserve to be happy.

In this year’s World Animal Day, we remember the rights of every animal around the globe, celebrating their uniqueness and living rights. We employ all farm owners to ensure that all animals are provided with the necessary requirement they need to live healthy and productive. Even if they are livestock, let them fulfill their lives’ purposes in a healthy manner.

healthy chickens

As difficult as this may sound, most animals do not require so much for a healthy life. The basic needs of animals include good shelter, good nutrition, proper hygiene and good living conditions. All these are essential for your animals to perform adequately and to reduce the risk of a loss on your investment.


Choose the right shelter for your animals. Ensure that shelters are adequately protected from carnivores. For your poultry and fish farm, keep your farms protected from snakes, dogs and other animals that could cause harm to them.

All animals require good living conditions just like humans. As poor hygiene could make a person sick, animals can also get sick when they are kept in poorly maintained environments. So, always ensure that farms yards are frequently cleaned and maintained.


It is our responsibility to keep all animals safe and protected. Happy World Animal Day to animals around the world!