Ginger – The Magical Immune Booster!

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Do you know you can boost your immunity with natural and very affordable foods? Nature is endowed with many such wonder foods, which have essential medicinal properties. One of these foods is Ginger.

Ginger is a plant-based food, which belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It has its origin in China and is popularly known for its flavour and spicy taste. Ginger is widely used as a seasoning in food and a flavour in drinks, but what is it about this plant that has made it acceptable to all? We’ll tell you.

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Despite its relevance in our dishes, Ginger contains properties that help in blood circulation, allowing enough oxygen get into the tissues for the removal of toxins and viruses through anti-inflammatory chemicals like shagaol and gingerol.

According to research, ginger is highly effective in the prevention and treatment of flu, nausea, headaches and stomachaches, fevers, sore throat and cough, helping to clear mucus from the chest. A homemade ginger tea is good for purifying and nourishing the system.

Athletes and gymnasts are not left out in enjoying the benefits of ginger. Consuming two grams of ginger a day for 11 days has been proven to significantly reduce muscle pain in people performing elbow exercise.

A recent 2015 research also found ginger to posses some anti-diabetic properties. 2 grams of powdered ginger were administered to 41 participants with type-2 diabetes, during the study. The result showed that the fasting blood sugar of the participants was reduced by 12 per cent.

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What is more? Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases, said to have no precise cause. Medicine has traced its origin to the type of lifestyle people live or other hereditary traits. As much as the cause and cure of cancer still remains uncertain, research has shown that ginger may contain properties that can help fight cancer. One of such properties is gingerol, found in large amounts in ginger.

There is also some evidence that ginger may be effective against pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. These discoveries, however, still need further research.

Another study of 60 middle-aged women and their intake of ginger extracts showed that ginger helped improve reaction time and working memory. Evidence shows that ginger can enhance brain function directly.

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The bioactive substance in ginger, gingerol, has been proven to lower the risk of infections in humans. Ginger extracts effectively inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria and is very effective against gum diseases as well as RSV virus, which causes respiratory diseases.

With these numerous benefits of ginger and the ones yet unknown, it is clear that it is uniquely endowed with properties that suit your health.

So, when next you make a trip to the stores, remember to stock up on ginger. Daily intake of Ginger extracts could certainly do much more than frequent checks at the hospital.