How To Prepare The Tastiest Jollof Rice (Recipe)

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Preparation of the stock

Step 1: If you are using beef/chicken/turkey, wash and place in a pot. Season it with crushed seasoning cubes, salt, curry, thyme and ground/minced ginger, pepper, chopped onion and garlic. Boil till tender. Remove the meat from the stock and fry in a separate pan with Grand Pure Soya Oil. Set the stock and the oil used in frying separately.

Preparation of the rice
Step 2: Wash the rice thoroughly and place in a pot. Add enough water just enough to cover the rice and par boil for 10 minutes. Wash the parboiled rice with cold water, drain and set aside. OR Soak the rice in hot water for some minutes, rinse with clean water, drain and set aside.

Preparation of the tomapep puree
Step 3:
 Remove the seeds from the bell peper (tatashe) and wash well. Wash the Tomatoes, Scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo) and onion well too. Blend everything to a smooth puree. Pour the Blended puree into an empty pot and boil till there’s no water left leaving just the concentrated puree in the pot.

Preparation of the Jollof rice

dec-blog-posts-and-editorials GPSOStep 4: Add the tin tomato paste into the Boiled tomapep puree. Pour the Grand Pure Soya Oil used in frying the meat into the tomapep puree and use it to fry the puree while stirring constantly so it doesn’t get burnt for about 5 mins.
Step 5: Pour the Beef Stock (meat water) into the fried puree and mix. Add dry thyme, Curry powder, Seasoning cubes (Crushed), Salt to taste. Gently add the parboiled rice into the puree and stock mixture and make sure the stock covers the rice, if it doesn’t simply add water to ensure it does. Add the Bay leaves to the pot and cover.
Step 6: Leave the jollof to cook and soften and once you notice the liquid in the pot has almost dried up leaving concentrated tomato puree at the top, turn with a wooden spoon or spatula. At this time, Check if the rice is soft enough and also check for salt and if the seasoning from the stock is enough, if not add the necessary ingredients. If it is not soft enough, add some more water and leave to dry up once more till it is completely soft. Now you can turn with any type of spoon……..

Step 7:  Once it completely dries up at the top, turn off the burner, your rice is ready…Serve!