How To Start Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

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During periods of recession, one economic sector that often witnesses a boom is the food sector – irrespective of whether it’s crop or animal farming you are dealing with. Then, as more food is desired, protein-rich foods that are readily available and cheaper to acquire gets in more demand.


This brings us to the subject of fish farming, one of the most lucrative farming businesses carried out world over. Just as the name implies, fish farming involves the rearing of fishes for commercial or personal use. For commercial purposes, the most common types of fish that are cultivated in Nigeria are Catfish and Tilapia.

Start fish farming in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting a fish farming business? We have studied the Nigerian environment and created this insightful tip-list for your use. Enjoy!


Get A Mentor

As with anything in life, having someone to show you the way in order to avoid common mistakes is the first rule in business. It will not just be about capital, water, pond or feed in the days ahead – you will need to understand the market and other variables that are not easily learnt on paper.


Get A Suitable Space for A Pond

This depends on the degree of the fish farm you have in mind. If you want to start small and you currently have some space at your back yard, then you can start with that.

Start fish farming in Nigeria


But if you want to start with a big farm, then you may need to source a good piece of land where you can have some structures that would last for a longer period. The pond could be built with plastic tanks or constructed with building blocks – though the blocks make for a more natural habitat for the fishes and ultimately do not require as much cleaning, as the plastic tanks require.


Location And Proximity To Market

Establishing a fish farm near a poultry farm is good because the poultry waste can serve as secondary feed for the fish. Another important location factor is nearness to your market. Basic economics teaches that proximity to where the product is needed is essential for business. It may not be a physical market – but your farm should be near merchants who will readily buy your produce.


Get Good Food And Good Source Of Water

In addition to quality fish feed from Vital Feed, you can also incorporate planktons, some plants, bacteria and small insects into the architecture to serve as food for the fish.

Yes! Fishes eat all sorts of things [even themselves, as the case may be]. Secondly, you must ensure that the water in the pond is as fresh as possible because fishes thrive where the oxygen level is good.

start fish farming in Nigeria


Just be sure that in every occasion, you employ the best practices from choice of feed to ponds and general maintenance. Consistent efforts towards rearing healthy fishes could guarantee the success of your fish farming business and yield you great dividends, despite the situation of the economy.