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Ramadan Kareem to all the GPSO Mothers out there, doing their best to ensure their families have the best options during this fasting period.Fasting is very important as it is one of the pillars of Islam and it increases devotion and brings a Muslim closer to God. The essence of fasting is summed up in one word, ‘Taqwa’ which is a recurring theme in the Qur’an and a paramount Islamic value. It is both an attitude and a process. It is the proper attitude of the human toward the divine that denotes love, devotion, and fear. Love to the source of good and beauty that make life worth living; devotion to God’s boundless wisdom and majesty; and fear of misunderstanding the divine intent or failing in maintaining the appropriate posture and relationship.
In line with these highlighted points, it remains a paramount duty for Mothers to ensure that the season of fast is provided with necessary meals for Sahur (Dawn meal) and the Iftar (Breaking meal). Together, let’s examine how best to cater to your families Iftar needs especially in regards to fruits, smoothies, and appetizers.
Research has shown the medical importance of breaking one’s fast with fruits as it stabilizes the digestive system and reduces the chances of constipation. The Holy Quran also prescribes Dates (as known as Dabino) is a good fruit option for breaking one’s fast.
We all know how frustrating it can be having to scour around for fresh fruits that have been handled in hygienic places. And sometimes, going to a supermarket like Shoprite or Spar could prove to be tedious considering parking and the long queues at the isles. To relieve you of this inconvenience, we have identified a few places where you can shop for your fruits at affordable prices at your convenient time. Unfortunately, this list is limited to only residents of Lagos.
• Ketu Fruit Market at Ikosi-Ketu
• Mile 12 market in Kosofe
• Arena Market in Oshodi
• Otto market in Iddo
• Fruit Market Iyana Iba
• Agboju Market in Amuwo Odofin LGA
• Idi Oro Market in Mushin
• Craft Market at Jakande, Osapa London
• Open Market under the bridge along Law School, Victoria Island.
• Fruit and Vegetable shop corner between Park n Shop and Mega plaza ,Victoria Island
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