It’s Independence and Here’s How You Can Participate in the Binggo #ProudlyNigerianChallenge

#Binggo Dog Food

Arise o compatriots; let’s go on the fun lane! Since 1st October 1960, the day of Nigeria’s independence, October 1st has always been a special day for us as a nation! A couple of day from today, it will be Nigeria’s 57th Independence anniversary, and #BinggoDogFood, your fav food for our fur friends, is celebrating with the #ProudlyNigerianChallenge.

Despite the current tight economy, Nigeria is a place where everyone tries to live happy, irrespective of the situation they find themselves in. We believe in standing tall and building a greater future, no matter what.


For many of us, our dogs are an important part of our accomplishments, our families and our lives. As a dog food company, we believe that our fur friends must not be left out of the celebration. That’s because they are also #ProudlyNigerian. So, if you think your dog is proudly Nigerian and you can show it, here is an exciting opportunity to do that!

To be part of this #ProudlyNigerianChallenge’, dog owners are requested to share a video or creative image of their dog looking Nigerian, with the owner of the dog in the video or image. The dogs could wear native attire, tags with native Nigerian names or any other creative attire that would prove the point. They could also or hold the Nigerian flag or do other creative things that show they are proudly Nigerian. Don’t feel restricted by this; the essence is for you to come up with the most creative way for your dog to look Nigerian.

Upload you image or video on your page and tag Grand Cereals Limited’s social media handles. Also tag your friends, using the hashtags #ProudlyNigerian. Now, go for it! It’s time to show how creative you can be.

The Twenty most creative entries will be rewarded with Goodie packages from Binggo Dog Food. So, go ahead and get creative with your dog. It’s Nigeria’s 57th Independence anniversary celebration, and we love it!