Interesting Dog Breeds – Japanese Chin


The Japanese chin is a very interesting dog; playful, loving and quite intelligent. It is popularly known to win the hearts of people as it has a friendly nature and a very cute outlook. Its easy-to-maintain hairy skin, cute wide eyes and flattish face, makes it so adorable.

Interesting Dog Breed- Japanese Chin

The origin of the Japanese chin is one that is often contested by three schools of thought. Some believe that the origin of the dog dates back to 732 AD, when the rulers of Korea gave it as a gift to the Japanese royalty. Another group maintains that this breed of dog existed in the sixth and seventh century, when it was given as a gift to the empress of Japan, while the third group insists that the Japanese chin came into Japan, some time around 1000 AD.


Is there more to the Japanese chin than any other dog? This breed of dog is not only a faithful companion to humans; it shares certain characteristics with a cat in looks and style. A Japanese chin can jump onto a very high surface, with a singular leap. But it is somewhat difficult to train as it has a mind of its own. Then, it has a smallish catlike size, making it the perfect size to fit into the laps of its owner.


The Japanese chin has a hairy coat that is very easy to maintain and is either in the combination of black and white, orange and white or a mixture of white, orange and black.

Interesting Dog Breed- Japanese Chin

Due to its playful nature, it might not be advisable to leave a Japanese chin with younger children because it might hurt them in the bid to play with them. Aside that, this breed of dog is quite interesting to have around the house; most owners often have more than one and often get very much attached to them.


Did we forget to say that they love milk? They take milk like cats. As a result of their nature, this breed of dog is not meant for the kernel. They live better inside the home where they will find people to cuddle and play with.

Interesting Dog Breed- Japanese Chin

Irrespective of their breed, all dogs need much love and care from their owners. Do you love your dog? Give it a treat with Binggo dog food.