Make The Most Profit From Your Poultry Farm

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Poultry farming can be loosely defined as the rearing of domesticated birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese, either for meat or eggs, or even for the skin – as is the case of ostriches. 

Though poultry farming may seem like an arduous task, it could yield splendid returns when well managed. For the sake of this piece, we will be focusing on chickens, though there could be turkey, ostrich and goose farming.

To make the most of your poultry farming business, you need to observe some little checks, which could save you from waste, hence increasing your overall profits.

What then are these checks?


Understand The Business

The first thing an intending poultry farmer, who wants to be successful, should do is to serve a period of internship on a successful farm. For a poultry business, nothing beats having hands-on experience from live scenarios.

That stint would adequately prepare an intending entrepreneur for most of the major exigencies that may come up when he starts his business. Knowledge and understanding of poultry is a necessity and is essential for success.


A Piece Of Safe Land

The location of your farm says a lot about the risks you might be exposed to. Whether it is the deep litter system or battery cage system, the first criteria in choosing a location is the safety of the land. The nearness to a forest or unused piece of land could expose your birds to snakes and other reptiles that crave chickens or eggs for food.


Decide On The Type Of Chicken

Will your business be geared towards egg production or the sale of chickens for meat? A good decision of your preferred direction would help to avoid the waste of time and resources.



Cleanliness And Proximity To Clean Water

One very important aspect of a poultry business is cleanliness. The cleaner the poultry, the less susceptible the birds are to diseases that commonly affect them and, ultimately, the better the returns.

So, if a poultry owner really wants to get in the blue quickly, the first step is to make sure that the poultry, as well as the food and water provided, is very clean. You do not want to lose your investment to diseases.


Make the most of your poultry farm


Proximity To A Good Vet

Most diseases that afflict chickens can be noticed early and nipped in the bud. This factor makes it super expedient that the poultry owner is close enough to a good Vet Doctor. Regular and consistent visits by a vet to the poultry might just be the saving point of the investment, in turn allowing good returns. Disease outbreaks could also be occasioned by the location, a challenge that a good vet would understand and be prepared to combat.


Make the most of your poultry farm


Good Statistics Record

There is almost a science to poultry farming. Birds grow in a certain way and are supposed to achieve maturity in a known number of weeks. A great way of keeping a close eye on your poultry investment would then be to keep good stats of your farm.

Whatever cannot be measured cannot be improved. So, from the chicken feed to the days of vet visits and the general hygiene of the poultry farm, there should be continuous efforts to ensure that the best practices are employed. Having your poultry birds in good condition is a good prerequisite for enhanced profit.