Many Reasons To Love Deep Frying


The process of deep-frying dates back to the BCEs, when the Greeks and Romans deep-fried food in oil. Then the process gradually grew to other parts of Europe and has become a very common way of cooking. Foods like fish, chicken, potato, yam, plantain and many more have been found to taste really good when deep-fried.

deep fried golden-chicken with Grand Pure Soya Oil

The period between the 13th and 19th centuries saw the spread of deep-frying in places like Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Japan and parts of the Middle East.

In fact, modern cooking began in the 19th century with the introduction of cast iron and, in turn, led to the development of modern deep-fried dishes. The ever-popular French fry, which was invented in the 18th century, is a good example of this.

Though deep-frying is now being avoided by a number of people because of the quantity of oil often consumed with it, there are unique features deep frying gives to food that many others can’t seem to resist.

Cooking Time:

Deep-frying helps you cut down on your cooking time. Food immersed in hot oil tends to cook evenly and faster. For some who have so little time to get around house chores, deep-frying is often the way out – much thanks to the introduction of deep fryers, where the food process is automated. With it you can do so much almost at the same time.

 deep-fry with grand pure soya oil

Great taste:

You often get to savour a different taste with deep-frying than when food is ordinarily fried. The crispy taste of fresh deep fried food is worth looking forward to. Deep-frying helps retain the flavour in food. When deep-frying, the oil around the food helps retain the flavour of food as well as provide a fresh and unique taste, especially when frying with cholesterol-free oils.

 deep frying with Grand Pure Soya Oil

Good cooking:

Have you ever fried plantain or yam and later noticed that it wasn’t well cooked from the inside? This is often not the case with deep-frying. One of the major reasons we love to deep fry is because deep-frying evenly cooks food, preserving the moisture and retaining the taste when properly done.

Reduced grease:

Deep-frying done properly helps reduce the level of grease in your food, because the moisture in the food repels the oil. Food deep-fried in the appropriate temperature typically absorbs not more than a few tablespoons, about the same quantity as when fried in a pan, as long as it is not immersed in oil for too long.


Cooks tasty appetizers

Most of our favorite appetizers like doughnuts, French fries, onions rings, scotch eggs, potato chips and many more are often prepared through deep frying. These appetizers enjoy the perfect finishing and taste when deep-fried and so do you.

There are many reasons to love deep-frying. The most important of all is the process. Always ensure that the temperature is maintained between 177 – 191 degrees centigrade, depending on the thickness of the food. You do not want your food “deep burnt” instead.

Please note these few points when next you go deep-frying:


  • Fry in batches. Don’t over crowd the pan.
  • Protein foods might need a little bit of coating to stay together and come out as a whole after frying. You may choose to use flour, breadcrumbs, eggs and whatever you may choose.
  • Ensure the oil is deep enough to fully cover the food to be fried
  • Allow oil to heat to the desired temperature before you start frying – not too hot and not less hot than required.




For health considerations and great taste, use Grand Pure Soya Oil for your cooking. Apart from the fact that it does not fume, it adds a great soya taste to your food, reduces your amount of cholesterol intake, and works well with any type of deep frying pan. Make great deep fries today with Grand  Pure Soya Oil.


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