How To Maximize Your Broilers For The Market

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Do you know that your broilers can fetch you a fortune? And, considering the economic times that we are in, you sure don’t want any profitable opportunity to pass you by.


This is not the time to take sickly birds to the market; since there’s much competition in the market today, well-fed birds with healthy weight are bound to get quicker patronage. Are you prepared to turn the competition to your advantage? If you are, then we’ve got your back; Vital Feed has, over the years, been at the forefront getting the healthiest birds to the market.


If you have been experiencing stunted growth with your birds, making you feel that your birds won’t make it big when the time comes for sales, then you probably are still on the wrong nutrition for them.


How to maximize broilers


What you need is to get a feed formulated with animal vitamins and minerals to aid the broilers healthy growth, meat quality and weight. Remember, the higher the weight, the higher the market price your animal will command. People want to buy broiler chickens that weigh heavily and some are ready to go with the price you place on them.


Here, we have outlined some basic steps you can take to assure that your birds come tops at the market:


  1. Avoid Hot Spots in Feed Silos

We have discovered that the heat emitted from this hot spots in the feed silos make the feed wet or soggy, therefore rendering it ineffective and even toxic for the birds. So, instead of just dumping your feed on each other, try placing them carefully to allow space for air. This allows the room temperature to be regulated and gives the silos some space.


  1. Placement System

Place the drinkers near the feeders so the birds can access both feed and water easily. This also helps them digest easily and improves their appetite.

However, you should be careful not to place the drinker too close so that it doesn’t wet the feed. Also ensure that the feeders you are using minimize wastage of feed.



  1. Lights

Lighting is also a crucial part of getting your broilers to grow into healthy and heavy birds. Ensure that adequate light gets into their pen because lighting helps digestion of their food. You can use the One-on-One timeline to aid the digestion and adequate feeding. That means you will keep the light off for an hour and turn it back on for another hour. Or alternatively rotate the light on and light out hours. This will help your birds regulate how often they eat and then you will not have to worry about obese birds.


  1. Weigh Your Birds

The next thing you need to think about would be how best to market those birds when the time comes for that. You may consider taking the birds to the market yourself or selling to retailers or other vendors. Whatever method you choose, just remember to weigh your birds before the bargaining starts.