Nigerian Food; How it Affects your Dog

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In the Canine circles in Nigeria, several options abound when it comes to feeding ones dog. Some buy Binggo Dog Food, while others patronize eateries and purchase the left over of their favourite Nigerian food or go for dog noodles. The most common means however, of feeding dogs amongst Nigerian dog rowners is feeding their dogs the left over of their home cooked meals. This is by far the cheapest means of feeding your dog, however, is it the safest?

Nigeria is made up of a variety of cultures, each with its own unique and distinct characteristic and most importantly, unique cuisines. However, as rich and unique our various cultures are, each cuisine is suitable only for the members of that tribe, not the Canine mammals of that tribe. It should be noted however, that these tips and opinions are not applicable to all breeds of dogs; what is good for your Alsatian, might not be good for a Rottweiler.

From the angle of the Westerners of Nigeria, Yoruba meals are mostly characterized with much oil, extra pepper and a lot of carbohydrate infused morsel, most of which are not very healthy for dogs. So, feeding your dog the left over of pounded yam and Egusi (melon soup) is not the healthiest way to ensure your dog’s vitality. It has also been proven from experience that feeding dogs with meals like Beans and Vegetable soup (Efo riro) would make your dog purge, especially those of the Alsatian breed.

Another commonly recognized practice is feeding dogs inedible parts of smoked or dried fish (Eja Kika). The common perception is that fish is rich in protein, therefore good enough for dogs. However, the sharp bones of the fish could be dangerous to your dog’s digestive system and might harm the dog. An alternative to dry fish is sardine or pressure cooking the dry fish until it is very soft. The general principle behind feeding your dog is not to give it what you can’t eat and also not everything you can eat, as the goose and gander principle applies.

From Eastern Nigeria, a common feature in their meals and soups is surprisingly, stock fish. However, stock fish also contains a good number of bones. Nutritionally, it is also not the best option for both man and dog as all the nutritional components of the fish escape during the drying process. Just like stock fish, another popular feature in Igbo meals are green vegetables; Ugwu, Oha,Utazi, Ukazi etc. These should be excluded from your dog’s diet.

With respect to Northern dishes, anything that is high in grains or nuts should be avoided when it comes to feeding your dog. Therefore, things like groundnut soup, should be avoided in your dog’s meals. Rice however is good for dogs if properly cooked and to the consistency of Tuwo Shinkafa.

Other tribes in Nigeria (as there are presently over 500) can align with these guidelines.  In summary, if as they say, Dog is man’s best friend, then if you have a canine best friend, you should ensure that your dog eats healthy

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