Vital Feed Horse

Vital Feed Horse is nutritionally balanced containing all the nutritional requirements of all your equine types and is available in 25kg and 50kg bags. It improves agility and gives energy for Horses. It is hygienically prepared under Good manufacturing practice. Functional Benefits Enhance Performance of Work & Sport...
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Vital Feed Ruminant

VITAL FEED RUMINANT Vital Feed Ruminant is a feed specially formulated for the four stomach chambered animals such as; the Bos Family (Cattle), Goats, Sheep etc. It comes in 6mm and 9mm pellet forms. Pellet feed reduces wastage, every pellet is a complete meal as it contains very essential...
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Vital Feed Fish

This is a premium fish feed that is formulated to float, it is manufactured under best manufacturing practices (BMP). The brand has high feed conversion efficiency and low feed conversion ratio (FCR). It is fortified with essential nutrients that aid fast growth of fishes. It is the only catfish...
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Binggo Dog Food

Binggo Dog Food is a dry dog food that requires no cooking, it is fresh, affordable and nutritionally balanced. It is the first made in Nigeria Dog Food and comes in both Puppy and Adult variants. The Puppy Binggo Food comes in 5kg and 10 kg whilst the Adult...
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Vital Feed

Vital ruminant feed is made for all four stomach chambered animals such as sheep, cattle, and goats. It is formulated for proper growth and rapid development of all ruminants. The product comes in 50kg bags. Vital Feed Concentrate Vital Feed Concentrate has a track record of reliability and maximum advantage based...
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EggMaxx Crumbler Layer

EGGMAXX CRUMBLE LAYER comes in a crumbled form that is feed to laying birds when they attained about 5-10% lay till the end of life of the birds (when they are spent). This variant is a specially formulated feed that has undergone heat processing thus reducing microbial load, increasing...
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