This comes in handy as a breakfast Cereal Meal for the whole family. It is a blend of Maize, Wheat and Soya flour that is enriched with Vitamins and Minerals. Grandvita is highly nourishing, very Rich in Protein and is consumed as gruel (pudding); it comes in 2kg packs. FOR...
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Richfil Nourishing Cereal Meal is a blend of Maize and Wheat, it is enriched with essential Vitamins and Minerals and is easy to prepare. Unlike other competing brands, Richfil can be taken as a morsel food with any soup of your choice or as a gruel (pudding); thereby positioning...
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Grand Soya Flour is hygienically processed from carefully selected Soya Bean seeds. It is highly recommended for all bakeries and confectioneries that yearn for increase profitability. This is because it increases dough yield and profitability. It also improves product quality and extends the shelf life of baked products. The brand...
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Grand Maize Brabusco (GMB) is a leader in the semi processed cereal market. It is whitish, and has no impurities or stones .It is prepared from high quality maize grains. It is a premium product acting as the bench mark for others. GMB is convenient to prepare and has...
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Golden Medal Groundnut Oil

This is a Deodorized Groundnut Oil. It is odorless and brings out the best in meals. Gold medal oil is subjected to the 3 basic refining processes of neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing. These processes automatically guarantee its excellent quality and wide acceptability among high net-worth consumers. It comes in...
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Desire Natural Palm Oil

Desire Natural Palm Oil is specially prepared from high quality palm seeds processed under the most stringent hygienic condition. A natural source of vitamin A, Desire Natural Palm oil is produced such that all the natural nutrients and vitamins are intact without any artificial additives. Desire Natural Palm Oil...
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Grand Pure Groundnut Oil

Grand Pure Groundnut Oil has a beautiful sweet Groundnut taste and aroma, your meals are sure to be irresistibly different. It does not contain cholesterol and has a beautiful and clear golden yellow colour. It comes in 3. 75 litre pet bottle, 4, 10 and 18 litre jerry-cans.
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Grand Pure Soya Oil

This is the ‘Healthiest’ cooking Oil that is made from carefully selected Soya bean seeds. It has no cholesterol and is endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) and the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).
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