Risk Management Tips For Smart Poultry Farmers

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Just as Poultry farming can be a lucrative business, when the appropriate measures are not put in place, it can also lead to a devastating loss. This loss could be occasioned by the spread of diseases, sudden death of birds, carnivorous attack from wild animals, poor nutrition or other forms of hazards.

It is therefore important for every poultry farmer to adapt measures that will ensure that the poultry farm is safe and conducive for the well being of the poultry birds, while also putting measures in place to manage impending risks. Risk management involves a set of measures that are put in place to guard against risks. They could be long term, short term, physically present on the farm or some sort of cover e.g. an insurance cover.

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One of the very important measures that can be taken is to provide a habitable location for the birds. Depending on the amount of space and land type, the farm should be structured in such a way that the birds are safe from bad weather, predators and quick spread of diseases.

You can protect the poultry houses with a wire fence and enclose the surroundings with a fence to discourage predators. Make the coup to be about a foot away from the ground to prevent the entry of snakes and rats. Also, training the birds to return to the coop at night after ranging about for the day is essential.

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Preventing against disease is another essential risk management measure. Adult birds that are being brought into the farm should be thoroughly screened and quarantined before joining other birds on the farm. It is advisable to avoid buying chicks from untrusted hatchers or in the open market, in order to avoid introducing diseases to the farm.

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Furthermore, in allocating spaces to poultry birds, birds that show signs of sickness, or are clearly known to be sick, should be separated from the other healthy birds and when there is need to attend to these sick birds, workers should ensure that they are attended to after others have been attended to. As a precautionary measure against disease, farm workers should set aside a particular clothing and footwear that would be used only on the farm.

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Are you worried about loss or risks that could occur on your poultry farm? Modern farmers have resorted to the use of insurance plans to keep their business free from loss. These insurance policies offer compensation in cash or kind for losses that occur as a result of theft, riot, wars, fire, lightening, diseases outbreak and much more.  Having an insurance plan is a good measure to steer safe in your poultry farming business.

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To sum it all, if you have treated the aspect of nutrition for poultry birds with kid gloves, you will need to rethink your operations. Nutrition is a very important element in ensuring that your poultry business is safe. Good nutrition boosts the immunity of poultry birds to sickness and ensures maximum output from the birds, which in turn results in good profit.  Wise farmers will not compromise on the standard of feed that the birds consume. Vital feed is highly fortified with the right amount of nutrition your poultry birds need to perform at their best and is suitable for all bird types and ages. Talk to us about your feed needs today.