Dog Training For Everyday Living

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Dog training activities help our dogs learn how to cope and respond to diverse messages in a healthy and acceptable manner, to different people, animals, places and things they might encounter along the road of their ‘pawsome’ life. In Utopia, a dog could be protected from negative and frightening situations, but in the real world, we must do our best to help them get familiar with our environment and its everyday situations.

By exposing our dogs to different kinds of people, animals and environments, which involves everything from dog obedience classes to vet visits to walks to the park, we can help them develop confidence and ease.

This goes a long way in helping them become resilient in the face of unsettling situations. Taking a walk with your dog is one of those ways. This shows how much you value and appreciate the dog. It also gives them all-round development.

Which is why we are so excited to be sponsoring such a walk. A movement to help our dogs realise their worth and help them meet other dogs and humans alike.

Shall we then say – save the date?

The date of the dog walk is Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 11am. The start off point will be the Ikeja Shopping Mall (Shoprite) through Alausa towards Afrika Shine and back to Shoprite.

The amazing thing is that it’s free for you and your canine friend.

There are NO rules to the dog-walk, other than to try and stick together (for epic photographic purposes) and to familiarise your dogs with the others.

There will be water points around the venue for your dogs but PLEASE make sure that all Dogs are on leashes.

And if you won’t be able to make it down, check out live update on @grandcereals as you watch us walk our friends for life. This event is proudly sponsored by none other than yours truly – Binggo Dog Food.