UNBELIEVABLE!!! 3 of the world’s weirdest food ingredients.

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Everybody eats but have you ever wondered what’s in that food you are eating right now? Well, as I imagined- you paused, looked at the food, pondered and wondered, and you are like “hey I don’t really know for real”.

So good that you had that reaction which means that your interest has at least been piqued. As much as you want to know, I also want to tell you. So let’s do this together!

Whatever food you eat, there is always one ‘off’ ingredient that will sometimes make you want to gag or on the other hand wonder how come…[let’s not do this now]

I will share with you three supposed ingredients I know of. And you can go ahead to give some other ones you know. Won’t that just be fun?

  1. Virus!

Yes! So true… The United States Food and Drug Administration, in August 2006, approved the use of bacteriophages in the preparation of food (specifically ready to eat meat products). A bacteriophage is a virus that infects bacteria; the point of applying these viruses to food is that they will kill any bacteria that might cause food poisoning. So this we can say is a case of killing viruses with a virus. Beat that?

  1. Cigarette

Ouch, this would definitely hurt. But this is not a joke! You may be surprised at what researches come up with. I bet you don’t know that there is a level of nicotine content in …wait for it; Tomato, Potato, Eggplant, Teas, to mention just a few. Shocking, right? But then, as much as Nicotine is dangerous to the body, these are still edibles and have other contents that are very good for your body.

  1. Beavers Anal Juice

Ewwwww! I heard you say that just now. But believe me when I say this – you have eaten a fair share of that (LOL) and will continue to consume in the future. Whatever name they call it, it’s the juice from a Beaver’s anus. This ingredient is commonly found in Vanilla ice cream [for all the sweet tooth’s in the house] and Raspberry flavored foods.

Well… so you have it. The good part is that these foods/drinks are so sweet or nutritious that we sometimes don’t mind whatever has gone into making them. Right? What’s your take on this?