Why Poultry Business Is Easier Than You Think 


A recent research carried out by Entrepreneur.com show that most millionaires in the world have not less than 7 streams of income. Most published books bordering on financial growth also posit that for anyone to become a millionaire in this time and age, he or she must be prepared to put their eggs in more baskets than one.

One of the coolest ways to add a profitable source of income to your streams is by investing in the Agro-sector. If the current state of the Nigerian economy  is anything to go by, we can conclude that people are now having less money to buy imported goods and products. The implication of this is that the demand for locally produced goods will increase, and that’s where you come in. If you can just tap into the gap in the food market to invest in the agro sector, then you might just be on your way to becoming the next millionaire on the bloc.


why starting a poultry is easy - vital feedWhile many will say that farming is not as easy as it sounds, the truth is that it actually is. There is no denying the fact that there is some work involved in keeping chickens, but it’s not as bad as you think! Here are some insider tips from Vital Feed.


Start Small: Starting out on anything new is always very tricky. As such, you need to test the waters so you can start out with low risk. This also applies to your new poultry business. Start with fewer birds. This helps you  take bold decisions, starting from shelter choice to whether you want to build a full coop or something smaller. Whichever one you decide to use, remember that young chicks need space, air, and proper ventilation.

Ensure Proper Ground Facilities: Having set up your small pen, you have to ensure the supply of the basic things that young chicks need to survive, like light, water, food, and warmth. In terms of feeds, Vital Feed Chick Mash, Super Starter and Grower feed are your best bet. But you may have to research for the best insecticide and other fungicides to keep the coop healthy for young chicks. Then comes the issue of your water supply. How clean is it? You have to ensure there is a close source of water to the coop, so the birds can access water and feed easily.

why starting a poultry is easy


Routine Check: When you have chicks that young, you may have to do routine checks on them every now and then. Generally, the checks should be up to four times per day. You can start your routine checks by setting up the coop  early in the morning. During that check, you are required to ensure that the birds  have space from chick to chick, check their water supply, check the temperature of the coop and dispose their droppings. Don’t let the dropping accumulate or the coop may get infected with bacteria which is bad, as diseases spread faster with chicks.

Observation: You have to be very observant of your chicks so you can spot out a sick chick early enough to treat it or separate it from the rest before the disease spreads.

You may also skip all these steps and start out with weeks-old chicks or layers. You need to make time for egg collection on your routine check.

Here you have it! Starting your own poultry, is it as hard as you once thought?